Month: February 2017

Singapore Literature Review: Every Moving Thing that Lives Shall be Food

Calling all bookworms and fans of local literature! Shila Naidu reviews this exquisite anthology by Singaporean author and poet Grace Chia.

Word on the Street: Rosanne

Oh, I miss him plenty. I have many memories of him that are very vivid. We were very close throughout every stage of my life. He’s the one person who completely understood me, you see…

Staycations in Singapore: PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel Review

We spend a night at the luxurious five-star accommodation on Upper Pickering Street to bring you this hotel review.

Word on the Street: Yafiq and Yais

Growing up, I never felt alone because Yais was always there for me to depend on. Maybe I’m just lucky; not all twins are close the way we are…

Word on the Street: Shermaine

People assume that as a leader, I’m a discrete entity from the rest of the team, but a leader’s worth is determined by the team itself. When you do good work, it makes more sense to do it together…

Cookbook Insights: Christal Sih Honours Recipes by Her Grandma

Graphic designer Christal Sih discusses “Grandma’s Recipes”, a self-initiated design project that became the first cookbook released by Math Paper Press.

Word on the Street: Dhaniah

Kids have a natural sense of wonder about the world. We should encourage their curiousity instead of killing it in their pursuit of knowledge…

Word on the Street: Vanessa

I don’t think there’s a lack of empathy in Singapore. I just think many of us are afraid of breaking social norms and taking the initiative to get to know people who are different from us…

20 Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Singapore

Who says romance is reserved only for Valentine’s Day? If you want to pull out all the stops, here are 20 cool ideas on how to be romantic all-year round.

Word on the Street: Shah

I’m the co-founder of Air Amber. Our realm of work is community development, and what we try to do is to build communities from within…