Month: April 2017

Comedy Night in Singapore: Review of “Cannot Means Cannot” by Rishi Budhrani

Why can’t we do some of the things we’re told we can’t do in Singapore? The brilliant and hilarious Rishi Budhrani tells us during his first solo outing as a stand-up comedian.

Singapore Literature: Review of “Payoh” by Jim Tan

We review the allegorical tale that explores Singapore’s turbulent history through the struggles of sanctuary birds seeking self-governance and independence from their human counterparts.

Word on the Street: Zaki

I’m turning 37 this year, and that means I’m on the cusp of being a middle-ager! However, it also means that I’ve learnt to like who I am…

Word on the Street: Esther

My first memory of learning Chinese? I was five. I was actually bullied in kindergarten because I wasn’t like the other kids. Everyone was very Chinese-speaking and it gave me social anxiety…

Word on the Street: Ezra

After living under a very westernised household and being in an international school at a very young age, I had to enlist for National Service. I was 18 when I entered, and it was a pretty tricky situation…

Singapore Theatre Review: “Normal” by Checkpoint Theatre

We review “Normal”, a brutally honest and soul-stirring play that explores the world of students through the struggles faced by two Normal Academic misfits in an all-girls school.

Singapore Literature Review: Harris bin Potter and the Stoned Philosopher

Calling all muggles and magical folks alike! We give you the lowdown on the Harry Potter parody that’s set on becoming one of the most popular works of fiction in Singapore literature.

Word on the Street: Wan Xuan

Apart from being a wildlife consultant, I’m also a musician in a church band. I started learning the guitar as a form of interest, but challenges slowly started to surface after I joined the band…