Month: June 2017

Word on the Street: Samantha

The day I watched Phantom of the Opera in Singapore was the day I knew I wanted to be in musical theatre. They came down in 2013 and I remember just how good the show was…

Shrey Bhargava: The Actor and (Unsuspecting) New Face of Anti-Racism in Singapore

The 22-year-old talks about what transpired during the auditions for Ah Boys To Men 4, his thoughts on being defamed by local blogger Xiaxue, and the police report that was filed against him.

Dream Chasers: Interview with Playwright Lucas Ho

The 33-year-old Associate Artist at Checkpoint Theatre talks about “FRAGO”, an upcoming play that touches upon the more poignant aspects of reservist life in the Singapore army.

Episode 01: Joshua Tseng on His Experiences with Degenerative Eyesight, Tumbling Down Lecture Halls & Blind Studying

On Channel Empathy’s maiden voyage, Arman Shah interviews his podcast co-host Joshua Tseng, the charming 19-year-old who was born with congenital glaucoma.

Word on the Street: Afiq

I got into nightlife photography six years ago. I was in the second semester of my first year at uni, and I wanted to practise more photography to escape the world of academics.

Channel Empathy: The Prelude Episode

Proudly presented by Etch Empathy and The Everyday People, this Prelude episode introduces you to Channel Empathy, a brand new podcast that sheds light on the marginalised in Singapore.

Word on the Street: Nigel

I’ve had selective mutism since I was nine. It’s an anxiety disorder which prevents me from speaking in certain circumstances where I feel out of my comfort zone…

Word on the Street: Syafiqah

I don’t even know how I survived JC to be honest; it was hell for me. I thought it was the ‘safe route’. I didn’t want to pursue a polytechnic diploma only to end up hating the course…