Month: September 2017

Episode 04: Watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with the Visually-impaired

The boys of Channel Empathy talk about their fun experience watching the brilliant movie at the theatres and share their thoughts about the awesome soundtrack and poignant storyline.

Dream Chasers: Interview with Paralympic Swimmer Theresa Goh

Before she flies off to Kuala Lumpur to compete at the 2017 ASEAN Para Games, we catch up with the national swimmer to talk about her journey as a Paralympian, and using her voice to champion causes she feels passionately about.    

Tay Wei Ming: ASEAN Para Games 2017 Athlete

When I was bullied, badminton pulled me out of my gloomy days. My teammates never treated me differently. They admired me for playing despite my disability…

Jeremiah Tan: ASEAN Para Games 2017 Athlete

They say the sky’s the limit, but my physical limits had already been set for me when I was born with this body. My parents laid down all the facts of my condition, and I took it positively…

Syahidah Alim: ASEAN Para Games 2017 Athlete

The more I practised archery, the better I got at it. Fun eventually turned into passion, and passion quickly became an obsession to challenge myself and break my limits…

Aini Yasli: ASEAN Para Games 2017 Athlete

I also wanted to prove that people with disability can achieve a lot in life. When people look at me, they don’t believe I powerlift, but with the support of my coaches and teammates, I can do it…

Claire Toh: ASEAN Para Games 2017 Athlete

I think I enjoy how you have to constantly think, adapt and plan when you play table tennis. From the moment you serve, you have to anticipate the next move…

Jeremy Tong: Climbing Mount Everest

I had trained so hard, why did this have to happen when I was so close to the summit? It was a painful decision to make, but I knew that if I had continued, I might have lost my toes, so I turned back…

Ways of Seeing: Photographer Elephnt Captures Unique Lookout Points at HDB Void Decks in Singapore

The local photographer discusses “Ways of Seeing”, a photo-book that explores his fascination with the unique architectural elements and designs of residential blocks in Singapore.