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For most of us blessed to be born in Singapore, the idea of staying in a house that is deemed unfit for human habitation is too far-fetched to even cross our minds.


But did you know that every year, Habitat for Humanity Singapore serves about 400 elderly citizens and low-income families who are on Public Assistance and living in rental or purchased flats?


Since 2006, the housing charity organises volunteer-driven projects to intensively de-clutter, paint and rehabilitate their cramped, dirty and sometimes pest-infested flats.


In this interview series, The Everyday People joins forces with Habitat Singapore to tell the stories of homeowners, volunteers, staff and other champions who believe in a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.

Andrew: Adjusting to Life in Singapore and Giving Back to Society

Humans of Habitat Singapore | “Coming from Jakarta where you do see a lot of poverty, I always had this image of Singapore being a very clean and prosperous country. But behind that picture-perfect façade, there are actually so many underprivileged people who need our help.”

Laura Philomin: Leaving the Stress of Journalism Life for Meaningful NGO Work

Humans of Habitat Singapore | “Some of them are just so happy to have someone to talk to and open up about who they used to be. They feel so isolated because they might not have family members to carry on their memories for them, but I’m interested to hear, and I’m interested to learn.”