Category: Humans of ISCOS

The Everyday People has always been inspired by heartfelt stories shared by people from all walks of life, and they include ex-offenders who are trying to rebuild their lives with their families here in Singapore.


In collaboration with ISCOS, a co-operative that helps ex-offenders reintegrate into society, we are pleased to present Humans of ISCOS, a brand new series where we interview and feature 20 individuals who are affiliated with ISCOS in some kind of way.


As you read about their unique journey in life, we hope that their stories will touch your heart, open your mind and inspire you to give others a second chance.

Humans of ISCOS: Elvis Overee

When an ex-offender changes for the better, we’re helping his family. When he gets a job, he will also contribute to the workforce and economic success of the country. So it’s not just a job; we need to believe what we’re doing actually makes a difference.

Humans of ISCOS: Terence 

I think people with records don’t like to be persuaded or told what to do. Many of them are very proud and sensitive by nature. I know this because I’m like that too. The truth of the matter is, they just need someone whom they can trust and talk to…