Category: Humans of Sentosa

An island resort situated on the southern coast of Singapore, Sentosa has been a fantastical tourist destination offering pristine beaches, luxury hotel and amusement park rides that will send your adrenaline on overdrive.

But what is a land of fun without its people? In collaboration with Sentosa, we present Humans of Sentosa, a brand new interview series celebrating the men and women who keep the wheels turning on the island.

From the lifeguard scanning the beaches for signs of danger to the Service Ambassador who tirelessly ushers you in the right direction, their stories will inspire you and lift your spirits. Enjoy the read!

Suki: Overcoming Shyness to Become One of Sentosa’s Environmental Champions and Most Knowledgeable Guides

Humans of Sentosa | “Here, you get to see hawksbill turtles that come to lay their eggs and dolphins that swim around our coast. It’s very cool.”