The thought of giving back to the community can be daunting. You may not know where to begin, how you can lend a hand, or which organisation to support. Here, we’ve listed some social enterprises and non-profits in Singapore that you can help. Do good, feel good.


Non-Profit | Animals | @eyesofacres

Rescuing and caring for animals in Singapore is the main objective of the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES).

If you’re passionate about protecting the wildlife, volunteer for their projects or outreach activities where you can either help rescue wildlife, nurture the sanctuary, or share your skills that can help educate the importance of a socially responsibly society.

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Angels of Impact

Social Enterprise | Women | @angelsofimpact

Ending poverty through investing in women-led social enterprises: this is pretty much what sums up the vision of Angels of Impact. If you’re interested in lending a hand towards this cause, the movement is in search of angel investors who can make an impact into social enterprises that focus on sustainability.

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Beyond Social Services

Non-Profit | Children | @sg.beyond

They say it takes a village to raise a child. And at Beyond Social Services, the team of volunteers have built a positive community to support disadvantaged children and youths.

If you’d like to be part of this network of amazing people who come together to better the lives of children, you can do so by volunteering for activities, sharing a skill, or simply providing a listening ear.

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Blessings In a Bag

Non-Profit | Children | @blessingsinabagasia

Blessings in a Bag runs various programs that focus on improving the lives of under-resourced children and youth in Singapore. To be a part of the initiative, you can either give your time by become a #WorldChangeAgent, donate your stuff, or lend your support through financial aid.

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Social Enterprise | Women | @bloomback_ig

Bloomback aims to be a vehicle of empowerment through the healing power of beautifully blooming flowers.

By purchasing flowers through this initiative, you can help to nurture marginalised women through Bloomback’s training and hiring programs, and even repurpose their flower movement by sending bouquets to cancer patients and lonely old folks.

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Social Enterprise | Food | @boxgreenco

Boxgreen Singapore’s motto is simple – snack good, do good. The team at Boxgreen focuses on curating and delivering healthier and wholesome snacks to your office or doorstep, hassle-free.

While this isn’t an enterprise you can “volunteer” with per se, show your support by purchasing their products as a portion of the proceeds from each snack sold goes to providing meals for the needy. Plus, their packaging is made of 100% recycle material!

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Free Food For All

Non-Profit | Food | @free_food_for_all

Hunger is a basic human need and the people behind Free Food For All (FFFA) work towards feeding the less fortunate in Singapore, regardless of race or religion. FFFA is always on the lookout for contributors to support their program, and you can do so by applying as a volunteer via their website or donating online.

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Geylang Adventures

Non-Profit | Community | @geylangadventures

If you’re looking to do something for your community, hop on the volunteering bandwagon with the people at Geylang Adventures. Be a part of their pop-up projects and initiatives that put smiles on the faces of migrant workers who work hard in a land far away from their own.

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Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Non-Profit | Community | @hfhsg

Habitat for Humanity addresses one of the most basic human needs – building safe and sanitary roofs over the heads of those who need it most.

Whether you have a specific set of skills, prefer to volunteer on an ad-hoc basis, or would just like to donate, Habitat for Humanity welcomes your contribution to help meet urgent demands for housing and other community activities.

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Happy People Helping People

Non-Profit | Elderly | @hphpcommunity

You’ve read about the plight of independently-surviving elderly in Singapore who make ends meet through odd jobs like recycling cans and collecting cardboards.

Through Happy People Helping People, volunteers can help to collect and distribute items such as supermarket vouchers and food to support the elderly through various events including Happy Sunday which is held at various locations on the first Sunday of every month.

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In My Shoes

Non-Profit | Community | @inmyshoesSG

When national hurdler Dipna Lim-Prasad and James Walton came together to provide running shoes to the underprivileged, word gets out. Follow In My Shoes on Facebook to keep track of sports shoe collection points that are set up for these shoes to be redistributed to those in need.

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Social Enterprise | Ex-Offenders

ISCOS (Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society) plays an active part in helping ex-offenders and their families gain a foothold in the society.

From training programs to guidance for ex-offenders, ISCOS counts on volunteers to help them plan events to support their activities, mentor beneficiaries through the Fairy Godparent Programme, and provide other skills that can benefit the community as a whole.

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  • Read more about the humans behind ISCOS through The Everyday People of Singapore’s collaborative project here


Non-Profit | Community | @itsrainingraincoats

Migrant workers work through rain or shine. With that thought in mind, the team behind Itsrainingraincoats came up with the idea to get volunteers to distribute raincoats and participate in other compassionate efforts such as redistributing food.

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Mercy Relief

Non-Profit | Disaster Relief | @mercy_relief

In recent times, we’ve seen neighbouring cities in Asia Pacific go through devastating earthquakes, floods, and several other natural disasters.

Mercy Relief, an independent disaster relief agency, works to uplift and empower communities through focus areas.

To contribute to their efforts, you can choose to volunteer on an ad-hoc basis or offer longer term support to their cause.

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Roses of Peace

Non-Profit | Faith | @rosesofpeace

One rose, one love. Roses of Peace is a youth-drive initiative that connects people of different faiths, services and diversity to drive the message to unite one and all instead of divide.

If becoming an ambassador of peace is something you wish to do, then head over to their website to view the events that you can be a part of.

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Save That Pen

Non-Profit | Community

The pen is mightier than the sword – and the founders of Save That Pen will surely attest to this. After all, they give new life to discarded and unused pens and refills and redistributes them to unprivileged students.

Look out for their pen distribution bins to support their cause or go the extra mile by lending a hand to sort pens for redistribution.

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Sonder Social

Social Enterprise | Business | @sondersocial

Do you wish to play a positive role in today’s economy and support many social enterprises at the same time?

Thanks to Sonder Social, you can empower multiple communities at once through their subscription-based service that brings together socially conscious items from social enterprises from all over Asia Pacific.

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Non-Profit | Animals | @spcasingapore

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been a long-standing non-profit organisation in Singapore that actively promotes kindness to animals and birds.

SPCA relies on the public’s support to run most of its operations and every contribution – whether monetary, through becoming a member, or volunteering as an individual or via corporations – matters.

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The Nail Shop

Social Enterprise | Women | @thenailsocial

Have you ever thought getting your nails done could be an act of goodwill to the community? Not only are the products used at The Nail Shop toxic-free, they are also Singapore’s first socially-conscious salon that provides training to marginalised women who face high barriers of entry into the working world.

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The Ugly Cake Shop

Social Enterprise | Children | @uglycakeshop

Cake – good. Helping to feed undernourished kids in Timor Leste – good. Put the two together and you have The Ugly Cake Shop’s mission.

Located at GB Point in Kallang Bahru, The Ugly Cake Shop uses high-quality ingredients to create baked goods – purchase their bakes of which proceeds go to supporting children through a nutrition fund in a school in Timor-Leste.

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Social Enterprise | Green |

Say goodbye to food waste and excessive plastic packaging! At UnPackt, located at Jalan Kuras, you can do some good ol’ shopping without feeling like you’re damaging the environment more than we already are.

Their zero-waste and bulk inventory includes items such as Bambooloo toilet rolls, assorted nuts, dried fruits, spices, and much more.

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By: Manisha Dhalani


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